ARS is excited to announce the location, theme and date for our 2015 ICEC.

The theme is The Christian World View. The location is at York College in York Nebraska. Speakers will include Dr. John Oakes, John Clayton, Dr. Robert Kurka Dr. John Beggs, Dan Conder, Michael Burns, Dr. Rich Knopp and more.

You ask: Why at York College?

The reason is that this wonderful Christian college is in the center of the US and it just so happens to be the site of the brand new John Clayton Museum of Antiquities which will be housing the Stanback collection.

The date of the conference is Friday to Sunday June 19-21. The cost of registration will be $80 ($50 for college students and teens). Housing and food will be available on campus for a very reasonable cost. Participants can fly into Lincoln or Omaha. Transportation will be available.

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