2010 International Christian Evidence Conference

Science and Christianity

Presented by Apologetics Research Society
June 11-13
Concordia University
1530 Concordia West Irvine CA 92612

The Apologetics Research Society members are excited to announce the fourth annual Christian Evidences Conference. This event will again bring together scientists, scholars, teachers and Christians from around the world to share ideas and to hear inspiring messages. The classes and events are for anyone who is interested in using Christian evidences as a way to build up their own faith, the faith of those in their churches and to reach out to unbelievers. The conference will include classes by experts in different fields of apologetics, discussion groups, forums and an evangelistic event on Friday evening, a Public Forum and a Sunday worship service.

Presenters Include: John Clayton, Douglas Jacoby, John Oakes, Denis Lamoureux, Robert Kurka, John Beggs, Foster Stanback, William Golightly, Dan Conder, Kedron Jones and Brian Colon.
Classes in Cosmology, Science and God, Arguments for the existence of God, A defense of Christian Theology, Human Evolution, Christianity and World View, Neuroscience and God, the Problem of Suffering. The classes will begin on Friday and Saturday morning at 9am. Registration will begin at 8am.

Event Schedule:

Thursday, June 10 until 8pm Checkin Concordia University
1530 Concordia West, Irvine, CA  92612
Friday, June 11 8 am Registration Opens
9 am Classes Begin
7:30 pm “Why I Left Atheism” – John Clayton
Los Angeles – Orange County Church
10 Goodyear, Irvine, CA  92618
Saturday, June 12 8 am Registration Open
9 am Classes Begin
7 pm Public Forum –  “Four Christian Prospectives on Evolution”

Evolutionary Creationist, Young Earth Creationist, Theistic Evolution, & Intelligent Design

Los Angeles – Orange County Church
10 Goodyear, Irvine, CA  92618
Evolutionary Creationist

Denis Lamoureux PhD

Young Earth Creation

Kevin Anderson PhD

Progressive Creationist

John Oakes PhD

Intelligent Design

John Clayton MS


This conservative Christian view of origins asserts that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit created the world through an ordained, sustained, and design-reflecting evolutionary process. This position rejects concordism, which is the assumption that God revealed modern scientific facts in the Bible thousands of years before their discovery. Instead, the Holy Spirit during the process inspiration employed the science-of-the-day (an ancient science) as a vessel in order to deliver as effectively as possible inerrant, life-changing spiritual truths.


As a Christian and a practicing scientist, I recognize that God’s Word must be taken with total authority.  The Apostle Paul wrote that all scripture is “God breathed” (2 Tim. 3:16).  Thus, it should never be a matter of attempting to understand scripture within the opinions and philosophy of Man (Col. 2:8).  At the same time, I recognize that the historical truth of the Bible should be revealed by scientific investigation.  I maintain that much scientific evidence exists that life was uniquely created just a few thousand years ago rather than a product of common descent over millions of years, and that humans have always been humans rather than evolving from lower life forms.


I believe that:

  • gradual evolution by changes which include random mutation and natural selection is the chief means by which change has occurred to life over time.
  • evolution is not a purely random process but the wise directing hand of God.
  • there is a virtual smoking gun kind of evidence that humans are descended from a ‘lower’ life form of common descent (as evident from genetic data).  Nevertheless, I hold out for the belief that Adam and Eve are a special creation in that “out of these stones God can create children of Abraham.”   God both influences the path of evolution and he intervenes in special ways (e.g. the Cambrian Explosion) for reasons known only to him.


God created basic animals in a number of flesh groups and changes have occurred within these groups.  In the prehistory of the earth in Genesis 1:1-3 the earth went through an undated, untimed period in which the resources man would need were produced.  As our knowledge gets better, we find more and more ways to understand these things and have even learned to copy them so we can produce them artificially.  Genesis makes perfect sense when it is followed in a literal and careful way, recognizing that the sequence given was used initially and still takes place today in processes like succession.

Summary  Chart

Deism Atheist /
Age of Earth 4.5 Blln yrs ~6,000 yrs 4.5 Blln yrs 4.5 Blln yrs 4.5 Blln yrs 4.5 Blln yrs
Adam / Eve Did
not exist
not exist
not exist
Macro Evolution Yes No Yes Depends Yes Yes
Micro Evolution Yes Depends Yes Yes Yes Yes
Random Evolution Yes No Yes & No No Yes Yes
God originally involved
in creation
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
God continually involved
in physical creation
No Yes Yes Yes No No
God involved in our lives Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Sunday, June 13 10 am Sunday Worship
Los Angeles – Orange County Church
10 Goodyear, Irvine, CA  92618


(full-time student discount to $99)
Saturday Only:  $80
(full-time student discount to $60)

Housing and

3 nights $166 per person
(4 per suite)
2 nights $109 per person
(4 per suite)


Online 2010_registration_form Contact Jan Oakes (joakes01@san.rr.com or  858-505-8841)