The goal of the Apologetics Research Society is to disseminate and discuss materials relevant to the evidence supporting faith in Jesus Christ and in the Bible. Our goal is not to supply THE answer to questions, but to give people the resources and information they need, from a variety of points of view, to reach their own conclusions. We are committed to remaining non-denominational and non-sectarian so that people from a variety of backgrounds can use the resources we provide.

We have been incorporated in California as a non-profit corporation and now have IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt status. Following are some of the activities of ARS for which we seek financial assistance in the coming year:

  • Support the missionary teaching activities (especially of Dr. John Oakes but also other teachers) to developing countries.
  • Support the creation of curriculum for the Credential in Christian Apologetics which ARS is now in the process of developing. We hope to produce four new courses this year.
  • General expenses to continue maintaining the rapidly growing web site
  • Supply funding to support the translation of apologetic materials from English to other languages.

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